June 12 – to Roncesvalles

The Pyrénées

The Pyrénées. Looking back. Still early in the morning, but it’s already warm.

A small road going upp.

Going up, and up. Never ending.

In the Pyrénées.

It looks like if I had reached the top…

Near the top!

But no… The pass is about 1400 m over the sea.

Down to Roncevalles.

And now down to Roncevallles. I didn’t took the shortest way, it was too abrupt.

RoncevallesVery quite in Roncevalles. I signed upp for the night. There is a church on the right.

Ronvevalles. Main road.

I ate at the restaurant at the right. I was sleeping in a house somewhere on the left. A pity I didn’t took some picture, it was a funny place. May be 100 people sleeping at the same place, snoring, speaking when sleeping… There wasw a thunderstorm during the night and it was raining in.

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