Rain. Rain. Rain.

Started at half past seven. Began to go on the highway, as the manager of the hostel suggested. Then I continued on the road instead of the trail. There was almost no traffic and I did not wanted to walk into rivers and mud. Watched most at the asphalt and was happy that the road was pretty flat.

Drank a cafe in Grury, otherwise only two short breaks. Tried to call the hostel in Bourbon. No replies. It turned out that they were not working 1 May. I arrived at 12.30pm.

Got a tip about a small hotel. They had rooms but I had to wait a couple of hours before the room was ready and I froze very much waiting outside.

Nice historical old town, but small. Not a single shoe store. There is a shoemaker that I will visit tomorrow morning.

Got a good and simple dinner at the hotel. Soup, ham pie and creme brulee.

A torrential rain all afternoon.


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