It goes up when you are leaving Conques! Then it’s ok. But it was foggy.

Ate breakfast at a nice cafe in Nohinhac.

Had a long break before Decazeville. Arrived at 1 am. Everything was closed. Drank a beer and went to the tourist office who arranged a bed at Les Volets Bleus. Nice place and sympathetic host, Thierry.

He loves his city and talks enthusiastically about it. About his school days, about the workers fight for their jobs, about the transformation after the mines closed.

It was interesting to take another walk in Decazeville after talking with Thierry. The city opened itself! The rain was pouring, could not take a single shoot.

Memorable stage.

To Decazeville
Roman bridge in Conques.

To Decazeville

To Decazeville
On the ridge.

To Decazeville
Near Decazeville.

To Decazeville
Les Volets bleus.

To Decazeville

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