Now I have left Morvan, no killer hills.

Arrived to Luzy just after 10am. I got my sandals repaired for free. Unfortunately, it lasted only 50 meters. And the shoe store was closed on thursdays.

Ate a great sandwich and drank a panaché and continued to Issy. Took it easy as it was not so far.

When I was walking out of Issy to the camping, a man ran after me and asked if I wanted some place to sleep at night. It turned out that there was a hostel for pilgrims in the village. Cheap. Nice, it’s going to rain. Good to keep my stuff dry as long as possible. No shoe store or shoemaker here. Only two groceries. And a bar, which is open on fridays.

Walked around in the village. Some nice houses and a beautiful roman church.

Ate pasta and sardines. Pity that the bar is closed.








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