July 5 – to Villafranca del Bierzo

To Villafranca

To Villafranca. The scenery is always changing on the camino. It’s always easyer to take pictures in the morning, the sun is at the “right” place, often behind you.

To Villafranca

To Villafranca. I like when it’s green an you kan get some shelter in the shadow.


A dog is trying to adopt a human. This one has been following us for a while now.

To Villafranca

To Villafranca. Amazing colors.


To Villafranca. The same color on the walls.


Villafranca. Don’t remember what it was. A testimony from that this place has been rich and powerfull. There is church behind me…


… a castle here..


… another church. Jeff, from Brazil.

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