June 14 – to Cizur Minor

The village Akerreta

Akerreta – A small village after Larrasoaña. It was still rainy when we started in the morning.


There is a lot of beautiful bridges along the Camino. Beginning to be warm.

Manu and Livio walking

Is it dry now? It was quite humid during the first stages. Not everything was drying during the night.

Ximo and Pepe

You need to wash clothes every evening. High standard in Cizur Minor, you need to stand on bricks.

Pilgrims sitting in front of the old church

It’s hot at the end of the day. Some of us will sleep in the old church in Cizur Minor. They hope it will not be so warm. Anyway, it’s a very nice place.

Pilgrims sitting in front of the church.

Linda, Iris and Lily in front of the albergue in Cizur Menor.


Dinner in Cizur Minor. Friends from germany, France, Canada, Brazil and Italy.


Diner in Cizur Minor. We spoke about passion, somethong which made Marcel (standing) enthusiastic. See hans site www.marcel.ca.

Carole stretching

You can stretch everywhere. Carole never miss an opportunity.

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