June 21 – to Belorado

Virginie och Paula walking in Castilla & León.

Alex sitting with his feet in a fountain. They are hurting him.

Alex i suffering. Problems with his feet.


I Spain are dogs free. They learn early they kan get food from pilgrims.

Valerie and Virginie

Foot massage. Valérie and Virginie.


The albergue was a former theatre. French dinner, the chief was Virginie and I was her “petite-main” 🙂 Nice refugio, it’s an old theatre.


Not everybody went to the mass. Virginie, Alex, Sofie, Marcus.


After dinner. Sofie, Marcus, Alex.

Street dance. Patrizio and a journalist from Canada.


Street dance 2. Livio didn’t walk on her feet.


A last beer. Warm, good company. Life is wonderful. Most of us were sleeping in a garage, the red door you see on the right.


Before going to bed. We enjoyed each other’s company.

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