June 15 – to Puente la reina

To El Perdón

On our way to El Perdón.

To el Perdón

Beginning to go up to El Perdón.

El Perdón

Sculptures and statists at El Perdón.


Break runt a fountain. Beginning to be warm.

Red poppies

Red poppies somewhere betwen Cizur Minor and Guenduláin.


Santa Mariá de Eunate. A very nice, octagonal church. It’s nice to go around, bare foot, on the paving stones. It’s like massage. A german friend meditating, or may be just resting. It was hot.

Santa María de Eunate

Leaving Santa María de Eunate. On our way to Puente la Reina.

Gunilla and Patrick

Gunilla from Östersund and Patrick.

The bridge in Puente la Reina

Puente la Reina, here is the “puente”.

Tomaso, Margerita and Manu

Tomaso, Margerita and Manu, some of the most sympathetic pilgrims I met.

In Puente La Reina

There is a lot of people from Italy on the camino. Marcus, in blue, from Brazil.

Tomaso, Margerita and Manu

Tomaso, Manu and Margerita. Diner in Puente la Reina. A lot interesting to listen to…


Livio is tired. I have forgot the name of the man and the woman behind him.

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