Arrived at Cahors at 9am. Bought a sandwich and water and 15 mn later I was on my way. Tough uphill to start with. A stairway actually, with huges stairs. Then no surprises.

Cloudy and moderate temperature in the morning, then sunny and warm. Very warm. There was water in two places and a nice café in a village in the middle of the stage, Labastide Marnhac. My feet were on fire.

In the hostel I met a couple of older French and English women. Nice people. Good meal. Chicken with a good sauce made with vinegar. A girl from Montreal who is going to continue on the Camino del Norte got my maps.

Lascabanes is a pretty little village. Nothing but a least three places for pilgrims.

20170524-DSC5734-bloggLeaving Cahors.


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