Barely light at 6am. I began to walk at 7am. Wet feet after 15 mn, but awesome view of Vezelay and the fog in the valleys was beautiful. Saw three wild boars.

And soon it was time for the first “killer hill”. Don’t know if it’s because the 17 kg on my back, but I can’t go up a hill without a break anymore. Several.

There were many killer hills. Tiresome. And a long uphill to arrive to Marigny.

Nice to walk along the river Cure. Pierre-Perthuis is a nice little village. Especially the old bridge over Cure.

Ate at the “square” in Saint-André-en-Morvan. There were a fountain with potable water anyway.

As I came to Marigny the sky darkened. It began to rain havily shortly after I arrived.

Nice host at the hostel. Good service. I had a good dinner with sardines and spagheti. Better than the boeuf bourguignon I ate yesterday. There was a knife to open oysters in a drawer in the kitchen.






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