What a day! Got lost. Saw that I had the sun on the right side. Wrong! Met someone who could explain where I was. I had to go back to Arfeuilles. Was there 9.15am.

I decided to hitchhike to Mayet-de-Montagne. Had heard there was a shoe shop in the village. Got a lift with a 90-year-old man who drived as a 50-year-old. Funny guy.

No shoe store in Mayet. I hitchhiked to Ferriere and began to walk again. Came to the hostel in Montoncel 2.30pm. It’s in the woods. I asked for dinner, but the guy in the reception told me that I would have ordered yesterday. After a while he told me he managed to order a lunch box from a restaurant in Lavoine.

I threw away the shoes that I bought in Bourbon. No wonder my heel is hurting, there is big holes in the soles.

Washed clothes. Showered. Rested. The restaurant delivered the “lunch box”:
– Terrine
– Salade de carotte
– Rosbiff with ratatouille
– Filet mignon with potatoes
– Cheese
– Bread
– tarte
– Wine

Wow! 9€! Saved filet mignon for lunch tomorrow.

A dog followed me from Lavoine. Difficult to get rid of it.






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