Had only gone five minutes before I met a young guy from belgian. He had slept in the woods. He had plenty of time and took each day as it came.

Besides a horrible downhill, that was like a dry river bed full of rocks, the path to Chabreloches was ok. There was a shoe store i the village where I could buy new shoes.

Ate the rest of yesterday’s dinner.

The path became difficult after Chabreloches. Came to N-D de l’Hermitage first 6pm. Nice view from my window. Ate with the chaplain. We sat at a table in one end of the dining room and the nuns in the other end. He was 88 years and has been a missionary in Madagscar, where most of the nuns came from.

Good soup with leeks and potatoes.

Went to bed just after 8pm. Went up later. Beautiful with all the lights in the villages in the valley.

Today I saw a wild cat.




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