Slept pretty good but felt tired when I got up. Breakfast with baguette, butter and coffee. Good.

I was on my way at 7am in pouring rain. It had been a nice stage if it had been sunny, but now I did not see much of the landscape. Kept my head down so my glasses wouldn’t get wet.

The paths turned into rivers. Had not walk in such weather since the year I started. At one point, I had to take my sandals and socks off (well, they were already wet) to go over a stream.

After 4 hours I began to get wet under my rain clothes. Put my passport in a plastic bag. The dryest place I found for a break was a wash house. Skipped lunch to get faster to Ouroux. Hopefully there was a hostel there. I had plan to camp. I followed the road after Brassy to arrive faster.

Luckily there was a hostel in Ouroux, with central heating, so everything could dry. Came at 2pm. There was a grocery, but the cafes were closed.




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