Difficult to find a croissant. The bakeries don’t open before 7.30 or 8 am.

I left the GR65 and followed the river Lot instead. Beautiful cliffs with caves. A towpath is carved into the cliff.

Arrived at Saint-Cirq at 12. No place for me at the hostels. Next hostel at about 4km.

So I looked at the village, one of the most beautiful on the way, and went on.

It was also full. Sigh. Was told that the next was about 4 km away. But it was rather 8. Took shortcuts, two unused railway bridges, and arrived at 5pm at Pasturat. There was place!

Two girls and a guy I met earlier stayed here too. Nice people. We had interesting discussions.

Good dinner with friendly hosts.




A towpath is carved into the cliff.

Cliffs with caves.

A short cut.

After walking one day.

The hostel in Pasturat.

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