Saint Privat-d’Allier

Went to bed 1am and got up 6am so I feel pretty tired. A croissant, an expresso, waiting for the train for one hour, 10.30am in Le Puy, bought water and back on my way at 11am.

“Only” 24 km, but tough anyway. It went up steadily. The sun was pretty strong, so I got burned a little.

In a village someone had a little café in a caravan, with drinks, sallads and sadwiches. Just what I needed. No remarkable landscapes or villages.

Arrived at 5pm. I stay in a small hostel. Eight beds in the room. Half board. Share room with a frenchman, a canadian and a guy from Swiss.

Saint-Privat is quite fine. Many hikers. Is perhaps because it is the  Ascension.

First day. Fine weather.


A lot of people today.

Spring is late.

An ark ran aground at St privat?


St privat.

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