Began to walk at 7am. Not warm, but sunny. Come to a small village Rochegude, with a small chapel and castle. Wonderful in the morning sun.

Then the path went down to the river, tough! Drank a coffee and ate a fondant à l’orange and bought a sandwich for lunch. From the terrace, I saw hikers who went up the hill, perhaps 200-300 meters above us.

Still, it was pretty easy to walk up. Beautifully view over the Allier valley. Then it went down all the way to Saugues. I was there at 1pm. Less people on the trail today.

Two hours later Mariane and Martin, two hikers I met at the hostel yesterday, arrived. A hiker from Canada offered us a glass of wine and then Mariane, Martin and myself went and ate at a restaurant. Interesting discussions.

The village of Rochegude.

Rough descent through the Rochegude ravine. And I’ll have to go upp on the other side.

Monistrol. A modern pilgrim walks with his computer.

Rochegude from the other side.

The Allier valley.


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