To Domrémy

Started to walk at 7:30. Rain. The morning was ok. Had lunch shortly after Blénod. It had stopped raining.

Then it started to go wrong. Red the map carelessly and took the wrong path. I had to walk back. One hour lost. Later, after Vannes le Chatel, I could choose between two paths. I chose the one through the woods. Wrong choice. Very difficult to walk. Had to walk in water a while too. A little later I red the map carelessly again. After a while I felt that I was on the wrong path. Had to use the phone to see where I was and find the way back.

Went quickly and without a break to Domrémy. Tired but feeling well. Alone on the campsite. Cooked a meal, took a shower, and then to bed. Walked 50 km today.20120613_img_7939It should have been a river if it has been raining like yesterday.
20120613_img_7945Lunch time.

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