To Haddeby

The wind was so strong last night that I did not heard the traffic on the motorway. Slept with all clothes on but froze anyway. Woke upp five forty-five. Breakfast and off. My clothes were not dry of course. Partly cloudy.

I walked quickly in the morning. Stayed quite often as the stage i not so long. Had to dress well, the wind was cold and it comes rain. I was at the camping in Haddeby at three. Nice. Dried clothes and towel.

Had a beer. Looked at the town of Schleswig and the cathedral on the other side of the lake. Have been there for many years ago.

Half good dinner at the campsite’s restaurant. I met a nice Belgian couple who were on their way to Skagen by bicycle.

I wonder how cold it will be tonight.

Today is Camille’s birtday, she is 19.

The pics from the stage

Click on each pic to see the caption.

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