To Hohenweststedt

Did not sleep well. I was shaking when I went to bed, had probably some fever.

Began to walk at 7. Walked fast. Did not took many breaks before lunch. Took a long lunch break and then took it easy to not to arrive too early.

The path is not as well marked as before and I had to go long on asphalt. The landscape is more like I imagined it. Much more open than before and not as flat as I thought.

A farmer invited me for a cup of coffee, in a village before Hohenweststedt. Nice guy. But after a while he started to talk about Hubble telescope, that it could affect the weather and people’s judgment and that it was dangerous to know about it. Hmmm…

Now I am at Vera’s place in Hohenweststedt. A nice woman who has a hostel for pilgrims, hikers and cyclists. A bit odd, but she seems to have struggled to be who she is.

Today the sky refused to give any promises. It was impossible to guess what it would be for weather. It has been a little warmer than the days before.

I am glad that someone marks the path and make web sites. But today I was wondering about how imaginary this road isĀ  for most people: no one i walking, I havn’t met anyone! For who are they marking the path? Making web site about it?

The pics from the stage

Click on each pic to see the caption.

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