To Itzehoe

It is not because something is easy to do, that you have to do it quickly. You are not supposed to get tired because it is easy to walk. I must slow down….

I should have mentioned my hostess that I should eat breakfast earlier. I wake up early. Began to walk at 8. A lot of asphalt today. Ok anyway. The backpack feels pretty heavy. Took it easy, today’s stage is shorter than yesterday’s.

No youth hostel in Itzehoe. Hotel to night again.  I looked for a grocery, but didn’t found any, until  I came back to the hotel 🙁 Closed by this time of course.

Saw a weather forecast on TV. Does not look fine. May be I should walk to Krautsand tomorrow and directly to Hartfeldt on Sunday? Then I realized that I will arrive on thursday and not on Friday as planed, and I don’t want to come a day earlier. It may also be better with short stages if it is raining.

Difficult to fall asleep. It’s a party downstairs, with an orchestra playing loud.

The pics from the stage

Click on each pic to see the caption.

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