To Krautsand

The breakfast was ok, it was enough for my lunch too. But German coffee is not so good.

I walked a long way to go back to the camino. I wanted to hurry up to Glückstad, I knew it was not so far away. Only asphalt today.

Got there at 1 pm. There was a youth hostel, but it was full so I had to go back a bit to the ferry which took me to the other side of the Elbe. And there I had to wait two hours before a bridge opened so I could continue to walk to Krautsand. I was lucky, it’s only on Saturdays (and maybe on Sundays) that you can take the bridge.

I came to the camping at 5.45 and had a little “after-walk” for myself. I took a shower and ate, and it feels pretty good now. It will at least be a shorter stage tomorrow. I hope it does not rain. I froze when I was waiting for the bridge.

You don’t need to do more because it’s easy to do it.

The pics from the stage

Click on each pic to see the caption.

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