To Normlösa

Starting in Vreta. It was about three months since I walked the first stage. It is my first day on vacations. It has been raining quite much, it’s cloudy, but I hope it will be fine weather the next days.

It’s a nice weather to walk. Not to warm. Just one boring thing: I must walk on roads almost all the time. I’m following the Monastery way (Klosterleden) and it’s one of the worse I have seen. Walking on roads and if sometime you are lucky to walk in the nature it’s badly marked and maintened.

I had to go back about two-three km once. It was impossible to know where the path was going. And the grass was so high and so wet,that I was wet myself after fives minutes. I got lost another couple of times.

I was going through a rich path of Sweden. It must have been rich for a long time, every village could aford to built a church. I didn’t met so many people.

I came to Normlösa. There was a little wood and I stayed there.  At 9 pm the rain began to fall.

The pics from the stage

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