To Rendsburg

A long day. Quiet night, no wind, not so cold. Sunny when I got up, but the tent was wet.

Started at 7 am and I was soon taking off my pull over. Nice. Unfortunately I had to take it on me soon again. Went lost almost immediately. The path was not so well marked.

Came soon after 4 pm to what I thought was the youth hostel. But it was a company. The hostel had closed for 5-6 years ago. Then I went to a gasthaus on the other end of town. No place 🙁

They helped me to find a hotel, which costed € 48! Came there at 6. I was afraid that the same thing could happen next day, so I asked the receptionist to help me book a room at the hostel I will stay. Glad it’s done.

The pics from the stage

Click on each pic to see the caption.

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