To Schwelm

Nice to walk, now I know that I am completely well. 7 hours long walk, a lot up and down. And no problem. It felt wonderful.

Now I’m in the Ruhr. What I will remember is the close distance between villages, and sounds. Everywhere you can hear one or more highways, trains… It is not quite somewhere.

Come to a hotel where there seemed surprised to get a customer. I do not think somebody stay here very often. The room is 20 sq.m., a bed that is at least 2.2 m width, a huge sofa, an armchair, table, a wardrobe. Everything must have been a modern 50 years ago. The door in the shower door hangs barely. Otherwise quite ok for 25 €, including breakfast and a television.

The cards I have printed have no level lines so you do not know when it goes up or down. Sometimes you can guess it. Maybe good not to know in advance what difficulties are waiting.

Pics from the stage

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