To Sierck-les-Bains

Up and down.

Fine way. I walked on the top of the hills. I went to Saarburg because I could not find a place to stay in Merzkirchen, which was the intended goal of the stage. When I got there I met a huge sign telling: Die Herberge…

After a break, I was caught up by a young German walking to Santiago. We walked together for a while.

I arrived in France without knowing it. Suddenly, the signs were in French. It started to rain just before Sierck. Had to wait nearly two hours before I could put up the tent.

I remember I was thinking of Sierck when I was in Saint Jean Pied-de-Port. Both villages are at a border. Both have a fort. I have been looking forward full of expectation at both places.
20120607_img_7905Suddenly the signs were in French.
20120607_img_7907Sierck after the rain.
20120607_img_7908Scenery at sunset.

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