To Süderschmedeby

Wondering why I brought sunglasses. There is no good weather when you are walking. It’s too hot, too cold, it’s raining, it’s blowing … Best to  appreciate the good moments and enjoy a refreshing rain after a hot sun, or the wind that dries your clothes after the rain. But anyway, I prefer not to get wet.

The rain woke me up this morning. I choosed a dry place yesterday :). Went up half past five, packed everything and ate breakfast at the lorry driver’s place. I also got an explanation why the site next to the camping looked like a concentration camp. It had been one.

Soon I went across the border.  It was Pentecost so everything was closed. So I just walked through Flensburg. Nice city center. Had lunch at a fast food restaurant where I realized that I had lost a pair of glasses, the ones I need to read the map. Tough.

Soon I noticed that I got along fine anyway with the weak glasses. Realized I was approaching Süderschmedeby and slowed down. Took many breaks. Went through a hard rain and a nice wood.

I have been taken a shower, washed my clothes, cooking and eating my dinner. Looking at the map before tomorrow. Like allmost all evenings. I will not watch the weather report. It seems that it will be raining soon and I hope that my clothes will have time to dry.

The pics from the stage

Click on each pic to see the caption.

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