To Vadstena

It has been raining all the night. I woke up early and waited a while in the tent and cooked some coffee, but the rain didn’t stop so I packed up and went. The grass was high and my trousers and shoes were wet after 500 meters. Impossible to find the way-marks and I started the day by going lost. There was a stream I had to cross, but where? The river bank was high and I slid down in the mud. I had to go back and try to find the path again. Lost my way again, down the river bank again. More and more wet.

It just poured down. I rested for a while in Skänninge. I went on asphalt. Not funny to go in wet shoes. Tired, nowhere to sit on – but I don’t understand I didn’t sat in the grass or somewhere else, afterall i was already wet. Came to Vadstena quite early. Called home to hear about the weather the next days. rain, rain and rain. I was still rather close to home so I broke.

The pics from the stage

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