To Varberg

Left home yesterday, traveled by train and bus to Ullared. Walked about 3 km. I was already in my sleeping bag at 7 pm and watched nature around me. Nice evening. Sweet dreams.

Waked up early in the morning and looked at the mists. Went up half past five. It was a bit cold. Began to walk half past six. The sun was shining. It was wonderful! Nice forest roads.

Arrived to Varberg already half past two, and felt that I had been imprudent. Aches, tired and hungry. I ate the worst hamburger I ever have eaten. Went to the hostel but could not rest. I took a shower and went down town. Varberg seems to be a boring city on Sundays. I froze, probably due both to fatigue and the cold wind. The harbor was nice, with an old bath house with wood. I didn’t found the famous fort worth to see. Went to bed at 9.

The pics from the stage

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