Why should you walk so long?

My feet in the river in ZubriniBefore you go on: don’t worry if you don’t have yet any reason to do the camino. You’ll got several after walking a few days!

I have met one person who thought there was only one way to do the camino. I tried to listen to her, but I could’nt understand her. If you hadn’t a religious reason, then you hadn’t any reason to walk to Santiago, she thought. I felt sorry for her. She thought that you should do it as pilgrims did in the thirteenth century too.

There is as many reasons to do the camino as there is pilgrims. Some have religious reasons. Some are sportmen. I have met alcoholics who tried to get free from alcohol. Others were walking away from a crashed relationship. Yes you name it.

Why did i went myself? From the begining it was a present to myself. An old dream. It was also an attempt to “land”, flee from everyday life and get an oportunity to think about important things. And as I wrote first: I got a lot of other reasons as I was walking!

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