Your backpack

My rucksackWhat will you bring with you? Well: the minimun. In almost all guides, you can read that 8-10% of your weight is enough.

Believe it. Forget all these things that “could be nice to have sometimes”. Yes, it’s true, I missed the warm fleece I leaved in Estella, and the spanish dictionary I leaved somewhere else, and the book with Transtr�mers poetry… But it was better to freeze some evenings than to carry the fleece every days. And I didn’t suffered because I didn’t had it!

First, buy a ligth backpack. 45 liters is enough. I met people who hade backpack in nylon, they were very ligth.

Then fill it with:

  • a certicate from your social insurance or similar
  • identity card/passport
  • anti inflammatory pills
  • plaster (“dubbel skin”)
  • good shoes and sandals (I walked in sandals, nice when it’s warm.)
  • hat
  • water bottle (I needed two)
  • sun lotion
  • your credential


  • sleeping bag
  • two/three pairs of socks (buy good ones, for trekking!)
  • two/three sets of underwears
  • two/three t-shirts (wash your clothes every evening!)
  • one pair trousers/shorts
  • rain cape
  • minimal toilet articles
  • pocket knife
  • needles and thread
  • torch (your mobile phone is a good one 😉
  • safety pins (works good as clothespin)
  • antiseptic ointment
  • plastic bags
  • notebook and pencil
  • toilet paper
  • may be a camera?

That’s all I had with me. But it felt heavy a lot of times.

Waterproof jacket and trousers are not so good, you get wet from… inside! A guide can be intersting, but it’s not necessary. Better not to forget ear plugs!

Then think that you need to carry fructs, water and others things.

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