To Dortmund

It was a thunderstorm last night. No rain, something the farmer I met yesterday wanted.

Slept more than 10 hours last night too. Felt a bit hungry when I got up at 7. Packed, ate an apple and left. Ate bread and drank a coffee in Werne, it tasted good.

Cloudy today. Fleece weather. It went better than yesterday. Linda was probably right, I’ve been sick. Just the days it was really hot and I walked long.

At lunch, I bought a sandwich with eggs. Too bad I have to avoid salad due to EHEC-bacteria, it’s just that I want to eat. Arrived soon after 4 to the hostel.

The remaining stages seem to be no longer than 25-30 km. Good.

Pics from the stage

Click on the pics to read the caption

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