To Fischerhude

I do not know if it was a self-fulfilling prophecy, but it was a fucking day. As I expected… I knew it would be long. On the other hand not longer than the  stage to Randsburg.

Everyting was wet when I started this morning. It was as if it was water in the air!  It was so until lunch, and not very warm. No camping in Otterberg, as expected, so I went on to Fischerhude. It is an old artist village. There is a museum, galleries, bookshops and more.

I had found a gasthaus on the web, but it was closed on Wednesdays 🙁  It was already over 5. Asked at the post office if they new where i could sleep. They gave me the address to a bed and breakfast. I got a whole apartment to myself for 30 €. A suite! It could be an alternative to carry the tent.

I am very tired tonight. It will be nice to sleep in a warm place. I have found that the moisture in the tent comes from condensation, and not from water coming through where I have put heavy things. May be I need a better tent. I’m at least happy with my little mattress, it protects me well.

Now is the sun shining.

Fischerhude on Wikipedia. Only in German, but you can use Google translate.

The pics from the stage

Click on each pic to see the caption.

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