To Münster

Up at 6:30 and away at 7. Had heard that it would be as hard today, but according cycle signs only 30 km.

tried to eat a piece of bread for lunch. It was practically impossible, stucking in the mouth. Terrible.

When I came to the channel, I saw that I could follow it almost to Münster. I was as tired as yesterday and went slowly, I had to rest frequently. Add to that that I did not find any shop or restaurant.

Very varm today as well, difficult.When I arrived to Münster, I bought a kebab. I could only eat a little bit. Searched for a shop to buy some fruit but it is Sunday and everything was closed.

Sleeping on a different hostel, men and women sharing rooms. The hostess washed my clothes when she would start a washing machine. Nice.

Pics from the stage

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