To Ödeshög

I woke up at 4.30. Not raining! Went out to hang clothes. There was some wind and I hoped they should dry soon. I gave up at 9.30, not even mymicro fiber t-shirts were dry. At least 🙂 100 % humidity.

I began to walk and it got warmer. Stayed in Alvastra and toke a break. I didn’t felt to look at the monastery ruins (I’ve been here before). Started to walk again.  It became warmer, but still, my clothes weren’t dry. Lunch in Hästholmen. No asphalt today. Comfortable. Pleasant to walk along the lake Vättern. Beautiful. But the trail was most like river. Muddy too.

Stayed near Ödeshög. Beautiful view on the lake. I hang my clothes in thrtrees. Went to sleep at nine, but was soon rushing out to take in the clothes, it started to pour down again.

It poured down all night and was pouring down in the morning. All my clothes were more or less wet. I was still near home so I broke again.

The pics from the stage

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