To Wermelskirchen

Even the breakfast bread seemed to be 50 years old. I ate in the old cafe, which reminded about past times. It looked like most a living room. There’s probably not too many cafes like this nowadays.

I ate lasagna at a small pizzeria. The owner looked at a sad story from his homeland on TV.

Came to Wermelskirchen at 3. I could not find the hotel. A police officer told me that it was around 6 km away. I decided to walk to a village where I had tried to book a room some km south. But the hotel was closed. Went to the next village. The hotel closed here too. It was now 7 pm and I walked back to the trail and looked for a B & B.

I realized that I would sleep out and after a while I found a little shelter. Luckily. It rained a lot. Did not slept so well.

Pics from the stage

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