To Zeven

Blue sky when I woke up, but my tent was wet when I packed it. I froze last night. Could walk without a fleece in the morning. Quiet boring stage. Nice scenery though.

Now I go on the Via Baltica, I have left Via Judlantica. This one seems better marked. I saw stone about different pilgrimages along the way. One of them was interesting, it was about the road Reykjavik-Rome. I do not know what was the hardest part, to sail to Denmark or to walk to Rome.

Europe feels in my feet now, nice feeling. The continent get really another dimension. I have a new feeling for Germany. I will probably not forget these little towns and villages.

In two days I will be in Bremen. My “reluctant” start feels far away.

Hope next night will be warmer.

The pics from the stage

Click on each pic to see the caption.

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